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I am Michael Peter

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Travel Tips

Chasing Danish Trolls

Among many surprises that awaits you in Denmark, beautiful Giants and Troll wooden statues are one of my favourites. Designed and build by Danish Artist Thomas Dambo can be found in many other…
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Benefits of drink more water for your life or business

Drinking more water brings a lot of benefits for your body and mind. It can affect your mood for the whole day, boost your self confidence while making a speech or presentation or eliminate harmful…
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5 best travel books to read during Corona Virus time

Top 5 best travel books to read in Corona Virus time. During long flights, during long drives or in this unpleasant time of Corona Virus and world pandemic a great book is something that can make you…
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Denmark , Europe

Aalbork, cultural nights, arts and much more.

Aalbork, is one of the biggest cities in Denmark. North of Jylland (continental part of Denmark just above Germany). Street art, murals, paintings, statues and sculptures can be found everywhere…
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Money and Finances

Financial Freedom

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Africa , Cape Verde , Travel Tips

Cape Verde ( Cabo Verde )

Travelling through the beautiful and very underestimated islands of Cape Verde is an amazing experience. Average January temperatures of 25°C to 30°C  makes it a brilliant destination for a…
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10 Best Backpacking destinations from all over the world

As I lived most of my life in Europe let me start from it. Europe 1. Croatia - backpacking across Croatia is extreamly popular. Hostels, Homestays and camping placess are very well spred and…
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