Why we should never skip breakfast

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Why we should never skip breakfast

Eating breakfast is very important, especially when we are travelling!

It is Boosting your energy after a long day and a night sleep, giving you this extra power kick for the whole day. The more we travel the more energy we need, and loosing this energy booster from morning can reflect on our moods. With breakfast we are also getting important nutrients and Vitamins we need for the day.

Breakfast, helps you to stay fit, active and maintain your weight. It has been proved that eating healthy and regular breakfast is helping us to keep a good shape, stay active and even maintain your weight!

Without proper breakfast our blood sugar level drops, providing less energy to our brain, chance change of mood or mental weakness. It makes harder to think clearly and make fast decisions when our brain does not have enough energy.

Healthy breakfast does not take a lot of time. And even Simple oats with nuts or some fruits or energy boosting toasts will give us this kick our body will need for the day.

Helps us to avoid health and heart problems. Harvard university students proved, people who are skipping breakfast have higher risk of heaving heart problems. So do not skip it to stay more healthy!

A good Breakfast can also be a nice welcome or good morning gift, way to return a favor or have a nice conversation and start a day in very good mood.

Enjoy your breakfast

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