Why Croatia is a great Hitchhiking destination

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Why Croatia is a great Hitchhiking destination

Hiking in Europe is quite popular, although in some countries it is not LEGAL anymore, as cars are not allowed to stop and pick up people, or you are not allowed to walk and stand on motorway. To wind out more look up for country hitchhiking rules, or check out this link.

Croatia is one of the most beloved destinations for hitchhiking community as there are lots of places you can stop on the way, admire stunning views, stay for the night in safe camping areas with all facilities or in peoples private places, after asking them first. Many people are also staying for the night at the beach not so far from the cities, or just in the middle of nowhere just to be a bit closer to the nature or to save some $. There is a very famous Hitchhiking race from Poland called Autostop race to Croatia, one of the biggest in Europe, happening in the early May or late April. You can meet great and very open minded people there with passions and enthusiasm.

What makes a Croatia a great destinations is also variety of landscape. From one side we can see a beautiful sand beaches, glass clear water, lots of sea life and people doing water sports, from other side, there are lots of mountains, hills, cliffs, and even stony beaches close to cities or in the middle of nowhere.

Next to that we have ancient towns, with great history, like the town of Nin, near Zadar. Full of old ruins and amazing big beach all around.

National parks, KRK or Plitwickich are full of amazing water falls, and paths along the water. Over summer water is getting pretty warm and in some areas you are even allowed to swim.

Although there are lots of places we can stay free of charge, I do recommend to look up for a camping areas, as than we can use full facilities service, and if we book it in advance, we can count on great deals.

What to take

– a bottle of water, or empty bottle idealy with a water filter. Dafi water bottle is quite popular across backpackers and travelers

– a good tent, suitable for this climate. A bit more about tents you can find in backpacking article, and a foldable or inflatagle sleeping mat.

– lots of storage place for photos and spare batteries for camera. Maybe get a spare SD card thay take almost no place and you can simply hide it in your wallet.

-comfortable shoes, and a second pair of shoes!

– swimming suit as there are lots of possibilities to go swimming in Croatia or do water activities.

What to be aware of

– some locations are in private hands, if possible better ask for permit to stay for the night before you build up a tent

– prices of hostels are getting relatively higher over season, but still Croatia is one of the cheapest, sea side destination in Europe, and booking.com works pretty well here

– although this is considered as relatively safe destination, if you are a solo traveler or solo female traveler it might be wise to look up for some couchsurfing or other people hiking to stay for the night with and have a great time. I met lots of people doing van life style living, traveling with tents and cars with families and met a few girls staying just next to them. Very reasonable and wise decision.

Over all experience


Almost 5 stars if you like the night under 1 mln. star sky instead of 5 star hotel. Lots of sociable people you can meet on the way over summer season. Places to stay for the night. Lots of places with facilities. Only minus is that. Over season prices are jumping a bit higher, not only a places to stay but even prices in the stores. Also some places become more crowded and some activities needs to be booked in advance as this is very popular destination.

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