Top 10 most crazy tents you can actually buy

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Top 10 most crazy tents you can actually buy

Getting a good, suitable for our needs tent is one of the most important things while preparing for camping, hiking or just planning to stay a bit closer to the nature.

Online shops, sport stores, sport centers and even local supermarkets have a great choice of tents. However, some designers went one step beyond that, if not 2 steps ahead.

Here are my top 10 most crazy tents you can actually get.

1. VW Camper Van Tent

Yes this is not a joke. You can actually get a tent that looks like old school VW Camper Van. Pretty good idea as this tent will give you a lot of space and from long distance it actually resemble an old VW Transporter, a legendary camping car.

Oh and.. you can also find a smaller versions dedicated for Children.

2. Hanging tents!

Would you imagine you can hang your tent like a hammock? Sleep comfortable while being high above ground even without a mattress? Yes, you can! It gets even better as you can create a small hanging tent village by connection few of them together, or stuck them one above another.

Prices for a single person tent can start from 50 Euro, going higher with size and quality.  My personal favorite are Tentsile tents, with variety models and colors.

3. JakPak, a jacket that turns into sleeping bag and tent

Although the project of JakPak has been closed, there are still several pelerine-tents you can buy on amazon or ebay. Mostly used by outdoor and survival lifestyle lovers.

4. A Tepee tent

Would it not be great to stay a few minutes or even a few nights in a tent like this? This Tepee tent will offer you this and even more. And it can be yours from 69 Euro, from Amazon

5. A “2 seconds” tent

It is about to rain, you just arrived to the place or it is simply getting late and you were not able to make your tent yet. Well, this tent is an answer for it. 2 Seconds tent lets you, shoot out your tent to the air and make it open before it lands.

6. Garlic tent.

Amazing, great looking tent. Rather than portable camping tent, it looks more like taken out from a story tell. For sure it will boost your imagination and help you have amazing dreams. Just have a look here to read a bit more about it.

7. RhinoWolf tent

This amazing and extremely portable tent is perfect for solo trips as well as groups of friends traveling together. Project is still on indiegogo but already have a great support.

8. Roof tents

Various tents, that are even pre-designed for your car model. So there is no way it might not fit. Easy to mount are having lots of enthusiasts across off road drivers.

9. Blast of tent

Would you not like to play in a space rocket while being a child? This designers tents will give you this opportunity. Not only a rocket, but even whole space station. With affordable prices starting form 30 Euro, can be a great choice.

10. Sydney Opera tent

My personal favorite one, although the price is a bit high – about 30 000 Euro, I still consider it as stunning and ultimate crazy tent.

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