Top 5 things to do in Gili Islands

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Top 5 things to do in Gili Islands

Although there are 3 Gili Islands next to each other I focused mostly on Gili Travangan. I simply find it the most attractive and for sure the one having the most things to offer and discover. You can find here many shops, bars and tourist offices offering various tours as well as fun center and nice small cafeterias. Oh and.. noone is using there petrol engines.

Top 5 things to do in Gili T :

1. Diving, Swimming or Snorkeling.

Best time: between 8-10 am, when the water gets a bit warmer.
Where: Although you can meed turtles and other animals all around Gill T and Gili Air, my most favorite spot was in front of villa Amarik in Gili travangan. Water there is not too deep, you can see some corals and there is a lot of underwater grass, which is a beloved snack for Turtles. You can also try to get into one of the boat trips driven by locals who will take you to other spots. Here is a map with some diving spots around those 3 Islands.


2. Water sports

There are a lot of water sport activities around Gili islands. Paddling, Canoe swimming, diving and snorkeling classes. I even saw people playing volleyball and basketball in water. You can also try sailing.

3. Take part in one of the biggest island party.

Lots of bars in Gili T offers life music, dance floor, variety of music styles and even a welcome drinks. You can find tables for beer pong and other party games. A quick guide of what and when is happening :

  • Monday night – Blue Marlin
  • Tuesday night – Trawangan (Beach) Cottages
  • Wednesday night – Tir Na Nog (“The Irish pub”)
  • Thursday night – Sama Sama + Pool party at Gili Hostel + Quiz night at Trawangan Dive (Bar)
  • Friday night – Surf Bar + Rudy’s
  • Saturday night – Sama Sama
  • Sunday night – Evolution + Ladies’ night at the Irish

4. Horse ridding or ride a bicycle through island and all around it.

Cars, motorbikes and anything on petrol are forbidden here. Only way to get from point A to B is by bike, taxi pullet by horse or by walking. Getting a rental bike is a great idea as there are also plenty of things to discover inside the island. Statues, monuments, hanging chairs, amazing villas and much more.

5. Watching sunset or sunrise from the beach.

Sunsets are stunning to watch here, as the clouds and sky reflected in water are giving you amazing view. There are a lots of locals and tourists that go to see the sunset just before they get to work. There are swings hidden in different parts of the islands, located in water or just next to it at the beach. Perfect for a nice photo shoot.

Is that all?

Of course not. Ask locals about other activities, as there are several other attractions. Yoga, sport sessions, story telling evenings, date nights and much, much more.

Local food in restaurants

Is very tasty, however it might be a bit overpriced. And what you should be aware of is that some places charge 10 or even 20% of service charge. Better read small text on the bottom of your menu before you make an order 😉

Something more western? Try Bale Sampan cafe. Quesadilla, Taco salad or Fruits and Musli in jar ( perfect for a quick breakfast ) or fruit shakes. What makes it even better is that, they do not charge service fee. And have quite good Wifi.

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