Top 5 power banks 2019

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Top 5 power banks 2019

Power banks are extremely useful while traveling. How awesome would it be to be able to charge your phone, go pro camera or other devices at any place any time. But is that all? Not even close.

Lots of Power banks might have much more functionalities such as led light panel, solar panel, key chain hook and other. This makes them even more useful and a must have device on every trip.

While choosing a power bank we should be looking on few key features such as battery capacity, additional functions, number of USB ports and size/weight of the power bank by itself as some of them might be bigger and little more heavy than we expected.

Here are top 5 Power banks I do recommend to try

Powerbank with solar panel and bit led panel 
It might not be the cheapest example from all, but it is a great quality power bank and a big LED panel with different brightens intensity and sos mode is a Top choice for all camping, tenting lovers. It is also relatively small and not heavy at all.

Anker PowerCore+ mini, 3350mAh Lipstick-Sized
Why will I insist on this one? Because of the battery capacity. Most of the lipstick sized power banks comes with 2600mAh, while this sometimes might be not enough. 3350mAh is giving you this additional power kick

Rechargeable Solar Led Flashlight. For people looking for handy flashlight, this model might be very useful. Magnetic holder, solar charged, small size with strong light

Jackery Bolt Power Bank
And why Jackery? Because of high quality battery Similar to Tesla auto battery and attached USB cables. Very reliable, quick charging, small size and big capacity.

Xiaomi Mi 10w000mAh Power Bank 2
Xiaomi is one of the leading company making, maybe not the cheapest but very affordable products with great quality. I personally have one of them since quite a long time and it still works pretty well, while meantime I broke 2 other power banks. If Rather than multi tool power bank we are looking for a simple, small size device with great quality batteries. Xiaomi should be our choice.

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