8 amazing Mobile Phone tips

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8 amazing Mobile Phone tips

Did you know you can make a great summer projector from your mobile phone with a use of magnifying glass and a simple carton box? Or a macro camera with only a use of a drop of water? And even more !

Here are my top 10 useful tricks that might help you in your trips or daily life

1.Spare Cash $

Put some extra $ under the phone cover or under battery. Although some places will let you pay with your mobile phone or a credit card, there are lots of places, even small shops where traditional way of payment, cash only will be the only way to pay. This extra cash might save a moment.

2. Lost phone ?

You can prevent it – use track my phone, or find my phone option in your phone or install an external application.

And what if you do not have it or battery in your phone will die? You can create a card with your name or a friend or relative phone number and stick it under the phone back cover or simply put between phone and back cover. Now the person who will find it will be able to return it to you. You can also set up a lock screen with your contact or edit your favorite wallpaper and simply add the contact there. So when someone will find it and charge it  – will see your lock screen. You can also check if your mobile phones have this option pre-prepared for you. In some phones this option is in options, security – owner info.

3. Professional camera or even whole studio!

External photo lenses on a simple clip for amazing photo shoot. Those lenses will make your phone act like a pro camera. Also a simple Macro lens can be made with a drop of water on the camera. You can add to this a good photo editing software and you are ready to go. Boom ! A professional studio that fits to your pocket.

On Youtube you can find lots of great guides. Here are links to one of my favorite videos I saw a while ago

#Peter McKinnon – Great photo artist, amazing tricks everyone can make in their house

#COOPH – is another great youtuber, with tons of ideas how to take amazing photo shoots

If you want to play a bit more, I strongly advise you to get a photo lenses. I picked some of the best sets I found below.

4. Unexpected friend visit or a small Party?

Make your phone an entertaining center! You can create a loud speaker for a great music with a use of plastic cup, you can also spend some more time and make it look a bit more professional – hit this link to see more : DIY Phone speaker

Install some team games. You can find lots of them on your app store, simply type party games or team games

5. Make a projector, or 3d holograph to make your evenings with friends even more fun

How great would it be to have a video projector for just a few $ or €. #TechBuilder will help you build a simple projector that will look like this,

Or you can hit this LINK, and get one from Amazon that will look like this, and it looks and works amazing !

6. Save your battery.

Did you know, if you set up a black wallpaper or darker one your phone is actually saving battery? Or that your phone will charge faster if you switch it to flight mode? Or that if you lower your brightness just 2 levels and turn on battery saving mode you will save up to 35% of your battery time?

Led displays are switching off while showing black elements. Therefore your phone will hold longer. Also if you wont let your phone to fully discharge, and you will be charging it more often – fully charged. You will see your battery will least and hold longer.

7. Earn money with your mobile phone.

There are several ways for this. You can sell photos online, by quickly editing them on your phone and using selling apps. Use lock screen paid apps, which will let you ear some extra $ while you are not using your phone. Get other paid apps that are working in background checking statistics, such as – how long are you using instagram or facebook per day or applications that will ask you to fill a survey and will pay you for this.

8 . Get a dedicated power bank and charge your phone or your friend phone

Power bank dedicated for one phone model works as your phone cover and still let you use all functionalities. As for me this is a priceless tool. Just hit this link or photo below to see some of the models.

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