Renting a motorbike in Bali, Indonesia

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Renting a motorbike in Bali, Indonesia

For sure, this is the cheapest and most common mean of transport in Indonesia.

It is so common you can see small kids, driving like crazy with their motorbikes or whole families on ONE bike. This is mad !

However I have to admit, this is one of the best way to travel and see the most in Indonesia, as comparing to taxi – prices are WAY lower. Bikes are also leaving us lots of freedom, and we can drive them to all those amazing places, which sometimes might not be accessible by car or bus tours. The only disadvantage is that we need to quickly learn how to drive it, as in busy towns it might be quite a challenge. And.. yea.. there is no air conditioning 😉



Average asking price will be 60-70 thousands IDR or higher, if we are looking to get it straight from hotel.

If you are good in negotiating prices you could go down to 40-50 thousands. Petrol, will cost from 6 – 7 thousands per liter on petrol stations, but you can also buy it in lots of shops or next door rental places. Just you might be charged a bit more.



Nearest place you can get to your place, there is not that much difference in prices, but there is a big difference in motorbikes. While choosing a bike you can and you even should ask locals for a good place. Do not be afraid to ask in hotels, restaurants or even shops. As some of those people were at least once forced to rent it, while they had problem with their bike or they just wanted to try a different one before buying a similar one.

Make sure the helmets are included, and fit you well.



Well, if you are not planning to leave the bike for the night on the street or parking in front of your villa, you can try to get the nice and fancy bikes. Just make sure you can drive it as you might be charged a lot for any damage. I find Yamaha as very reliable brand, and all motorbikes I did take so far were quite fast and comfortable. If you will be given a choice, rather than choosing a color, look up at sits, millage or km done, and condition of the gas hand. As this will tell you how much the bike was driven.

Oh and as one of the hotel staff told me. If you are planning to pick up some local chicks, you should have a good looking bike or nice MOTOR! Well, might be a good advise for someone.



Although it does not seems to be an issue, what you need to be aware of is that it is quite common to squeeze bikes next to each other, and re-park other people bikes to fit yours. So be aware you might find your bike surrounded or in other location. Do not scream or cry, this is common here. And you might want to remember the color of your bike, or driving plates. Maybe take a photo of your bike when you will rent it. This can be also a nice proof the damage done to bike or any scratches that were not done by you.




Hotels and professional rental companies will offer you an option to have extra insurance in case of damage, however I find, having a personal insurance, that can cover this as well a much better choice.



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