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I am Michael Peter

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5 very interesting facts about Ireland

Fact 1 Did you know only about 5 mln. Irish is living in Ireland ? While USA by itself has over 40 million of people with Irish roots. On top of that there are 14 million in UK and in Australia over…
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Top 5 things to do in Gili Islands

Although there are 3 Gili Islands next to each other I focused mostly on Gili Travangan. I simply find it the most attractive and for sure the one having the most things to offer and discover. You…
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Tech & Gadgets , Travel Tips

Best travel apps for 2020 you should have !

21 century, almost everyone is walking with their mobile phones with, sometimes just to listen to the music, sometimes having half of our life inside them. I personally use it a lot, to make…
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Sailing South of Spain

From Girona twords Barcelona, than to Walencja and next up to Gibraltar. Spanish sea coast is not only long (Mediterranean Sea coast 1,670 kilometers) but also extremely beautiful. Stunning views,…
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Destinations , Europe , Spain

North of Spain, underestimated destination

North of Spain is one of my most favorite destinations. Some Spanish travel guides call North of Spain a very underestimated part of Spain. While this western European country is mostly famous due…
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Travel Tips

Why we should never skip breakfast

Eating breakfast is very important, especially when we are travelling! It is Boosting your energy after a long day and a night sleep, giving you this extra power kick for the whole day. The more we…
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Diving in Ireland, cold water

Diving is an extraordinary experience. It always brings a smile on my face. Although in cold waters it looks a bit different than warm waters. Suits are different and it generaly is COLDER! You can…
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