Lets have some fun! Night life in Paris!


Lets have some fun! Night life in Paris!


After beautiful sunset the city wakes up!


This is so amazing how different Paris is over the day and over the night. Starting after sunset, or shortly before people are gathering in cafeterias, cultural places, galleries or other centers of attractions. Over summer you can meet lots of artists, and people in stunning clothes going to thematic clubs and bars of their choice. Weekend is the busiest, yes, but even during week you can meet a lot of people wondering around. Lovers not even trying to hide in some side streets but just sitting or standing in random places and kissing. No doubt Paris is sometimes called a city of love or lovers destination.

But lets focus on the night life. There are lots of thematic clubs and areas of your choice. Let me mention a few of them.



Dans le Noir, restaurant, where you eat in darkness, god.. what was on my plate?

La Bellevilloise, restaurant with club, ’80s nights, live jazz music on Sunday

New Friends Table, a bit expensive, but very good restaurant

Table Ronde, high quality place, also a bit expensive but with truly amazing food, also a great place to meet new people



Le Zéro Zéro, Le Motel, Le Crazy Horse are clubs with modern music, very popular, great place to get a bit more crazy.

Favela Chic, is a brasilian style club with bar



Aux Folies, and La Cordonnerie, both having affordable prices, very popular as for before party among young people

Candelaria, Moonshiner or Experimental Cocktail Club, great drinks, a bit pricey but also very original

Comptoir Général, Blaine, Le Lavomatic, all 3 having great drinks. A bit more expensive, but good taste and stunning appearance

Gentlemen 1919, barman’s wearing suits, a true place for gentlemen evening drink

Little Red Door, jazz style bar.



Le Zorba or Bonnie and Clyde are great place for an after party, or long night



Stunning acts, shows, and lots of events can be found in Parisianinfo website, worth to check it not to miss anything.


Although, I love to walk over night and discover new places. Walking over night in Paris might not be that safe, especially if you walk alone. So better plan you evening first to be sure what are will you be visiting.



Rue St. Denis, a few blocks from the Centre Pompidou, Barbes Boulevard, the Forum des Halles and the Seine banks. Although I consider Paris metro quite safe, I would rather skip St Denis, La Courneuve, or Mantes-la-Jolie over nigth. There are also some areas called “no go zones” but this I leave for your consideration.


Stay safe and enjoy the time in Paris!

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