I am Michael Peter




I am Michael Peter, a traveler, a blogger and technology freak 😉

I’ve traveled to over  34 countries in 4 continents, experienced amazing adventures, met lots of people from all over the world and the best is.. this is just the beginning.

I hope to inspire you to take a bit more out of your life, set up your own goals and simply follow them.

And what is my goal? Discover all those amazing places from all over the world, try new activities, taste amazing food, feel the world and nature all around us and have a great time doing this.

I am also passionate about new technology, great new ideas, inventions and gadgets therefor you will see me a lot playing with new toys, and trying different things. I will try to share my opinion and all the details I can possibly get.

I am sure you will find here lots of interesting and hopefully very inspiring articles. So dig in, and look up for what you are truly interested in.


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Michael Peter