How to pack for the yacht, sailing trip


How to pack for the yacht, sailing trip

Depending on the place you are going you might or might not need certain things. But there are many items everyone should take under consideration, while preparing for a sailing trip.

Breathable wind/rain jacket – is a must have, this small softshell jackets are easy to pack and might bring this additional comfort. 

A pair of Good Polarized Sun Glasses even in cloudy weather, sun reflection from water is pretty strong. Protect your eyes, and you will feel much more comfortable.

A good, portable camera. Space is a luxusty on a yacht. And you definitly do not want your nice and expensive camera to be destroyed falling down from the tabel on a big wave. Consider getting a portable camera like for example Go Pro camera with a hand or chest mount set.

Water bottle and some drinkable water or other liquids. Very important, if not the most important point. Sooner or later you will get thirsty. Getting a botter of water might be a life saver in case someone forget to fill the water tanks or get sick on board. 

A good Waterproof bag or backpack 

Extra pair of cloth, sealed in plastic bag or in waterproof backpack

Suncream, if you are heading to warmer locations. 

Enjoy your sailing.




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