Lets have a glass of wine. Paris


Lets have a glass of wine. Paris

Paris is a destination that does not have to be introduced. Capital of France, center of culture and fashion. Very rich in history and social life.

Therefore, you can find there a lot of worth seeing and world famous places such as: Musee du Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Moulin Rouge Show Paris, Champs-Élysées. I could list them for a good few minutes if not a whole day.

However! If we look deeper we might be surprised not to say shocked about how many niche places and not well know things Paris has to offer! It might sound silly but local tourist offices are even advising you to get lost in Paris, as this is also a great way to find out, how many interesting things you can find in the capital city of France. As for mine personal experience I can only say, you can go for a weekend or whole week trip and discover lots of interesting things, see most famous places. You can also go for a month, or even a full year and you will be still find new, inspiring things, stunning places and impressive constructions, modern art and freshly opened bars, pubs, cafeterias.

A glass of wine, baguette with cheese, and some grapes will always remind me about the beautiful time i have spent there. And yes! Paris is definitely one of this places you would want to visit again 😉


– there is a secret room on top of the Eiffel Tower, designed by Gustave Eiffel, through the glass window you can have a pick of what is inside

– Louvre museum. What you should know is, there is another “secret entrance” to the Musee du Louvre, called Porte des Lions, this is such a great way to avoid high queues from the main entrance ! Locals are even joking this is the French entrance, as not that many people knows about it.

– there are 2 Statues of Liberty in Paris ( Île aux Cygnes, and one in Musée d’Orsay). Ok, much smaller statues.. but why in Paris? It makes more sense if we realize US statue was actually a French gift. And France? It gets even better as there are several more statues in France, and one of them is holding 2 torches – Dali’s Statue of Liberty.

– you need to try, French bakery, French wine and French cheese, but the real one! I mean, a real – not pasteurized cheese! sorry to tell you but, the Camembert you tired so far is most likely an industrialized version of real cheese, made with pasteurized milk ( oh and did you know, unpasteurized cheese is illegal in the United States, as there is a 60-day age requirement. As well as in many other countries). And if you do not like any of those, try some other things, french eclairs are delicious, sweet and with lots of fillings. Amazing!

– evening glass of wine or something else, near Eiffel tower or at Saint-Martin, ok most of the guidebooks will tell you to have a drink or buy a bottle of wine and drink on the Seine, yes, but Parisians actually goes to the Saint-Martin.

– 135 Arago bronze medallions marks, a global meridian line that ran right through Paris, is all over you. Designed by astronomer François Arago. Those marks can be found in various places. Unfortunately it was Greenwich, that became the prime place, and geographic line zero not Paris. Nevertheless there are lots of other theories about those lines. One of then you can even find in Dan Brown Book, “The Da Vinci Code”. This might be an interesting book for the trip.


There are so many of them, I will have to write about them in separated article! Hit the link here, to find out more about Museums and Monuments.


House of Nicolas Flamel, famous alchemist, even more famous after publishing Harry Potter books.

Jules Lavirotte’s 29 Avenue Rapp, a stunning house, with magnificent doors

59 Rivoli, this is a must see, urban city art. Colorful and modern, truly amazing for photo shoot

Le Clos Montmartre, urban vineyard hidden in the city and a secret garden called Square Saint-Gilles Grand Veneur

Quartier Chinois, if you would like to escape a little from France and feel like in Asia


Believe me, I tried. But I really could not fit it in one page. Social life and night life in Paris is so colorful I just had to describe it separately! Night life in Paris


St. Christopher’s Hostel (159 rue de Crimée), Le Village (20, Rue d’Orsel), Woodstock Hostel, Vintage Hostel (73 rue de Dunquerke), Bastille Hostel (6, rue Trousseau), Oops! Hostel (50 Avenue des Gobelins), Young & Happy Hostel, Caulaincourt Square Hostel.

And many, many other.. I can only advise you to follow reviews. Book hostels in advance over sumer holidays or holiday like new year. Last minute offers also works pretty well. Paris is so big, and have so many hotels, hostels and shelters we will have a great choice.

You can also use Bookig.com link to find the cheapest places to stay as this platform works pretty well especially for last minute stay.


Galeries with stunning views such as Boulevard Haussmann and Grands Boulevards, Galeries Lafayette, Galerie-vivienne, Passage des Panoramas,

Also, St-Germain-des-Prés and Les Halles and Rue de Rivoli

Interesting shops like Nicolas, a very famous wine shops, located in almost every bigger town. Tombées du Camion, although I find this store beautiful, I could not let go the feeling it might be possessed. It just scares me with those little dolls. Shakespeare and Company bookshop

Vide-greniers, Flea Markets and Attic Sales

Le Beverley Cinéma, is still displaying adult movies from old times

What to take with you

– stylish or old school clothes. A bit more crazy clothes is also advised not to be recognized as a tourist straight away, and please take comfortable shoes, you will walk a lot !

– while summer is quite warm and dry, March and April might remind a bit chilly, as well as September and October, it might be wise to get a hoodie or a nice rain jacket

– Wine lovers, take your wine bottle opener! Don’t have it? Visit Nicolas, they can open it for you. Even a wine from another store

– a bit more cash, as this city is not only full of culture, shops, and unfortunately entrance tickets to most of interesting places, but is also a bit pricey. And sometimes they do not have card service or are not cooperating with all card types

– take offline maps or paper maps, do not ask for directions. Seriously, better don’t. Use GPS and maps instead so you will never be lost if not intended to 😛

What to be aware of

– try to stay safe, pickpocketing is a major problem

– Don’t book a tour without checking the plan, and company reviews first. Some of them are simply not worth it

– ordering hot drinks after 9 PM might be a problem, as some places simply close the bar at this hour or later

– some stores, cafeterias and other places might have quite strange opening hours ( for examples 4 to 10 pm Wednesday, Friday and Saturday or Monday, 9:30 to 7 on Tuesday and 10 to 7 on Thursday), if you are planning to visit a certain shop better check their opening hours and DAYS

– Château de Versailles are stunning but is quite a trip from center of Paris, better leave it for the last days or separated trip

Over all note

5/5 City so rich in culture, interesting places, with great history and full of people. As in big cities we can expect some crowds, some things needs to be booked in advance but all in all this is a great city to visit and a must see, at least once.

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