First step into the sky.


First step into the sky.

Should I do it or should I not do it?

People were dreaming about flying since ages. Even Leaonardo da Vinci thought about it, constructing the very first parachute and lots of flying machines. Since that time technology went so far everyone can try it now. So why not to do it? I did my first jump when I were 23, needed no special permission from parents but still having lots of doubts. The closer the date, the more fears I had. But there are ways to fight them and make this first step in to the sky.

Being afraid? Well. Everyone is, but think we cannot allow our fears to stop us doing amazing things.

Still afraid? Come on.. put your diaper on and just go for it! This is exactly what one of my colleague told me before i made my decision. Also, he told me to try bungee jumping and rope jumping if I still have any doubts to get me close to that feeling that parachute jumping does.

Costs? There are several locations you can do it way cheaper and not to loose on quality.

Not sure about your health status? Do a full body tests including heart problems, sinus problems and other, not just for this reason but also for yourself. You can also try bungee jumping or similar jumps first to check out how will you react.


Ok, so we are ready, motivated and we know we want to do it. So..


When to do it?

Summer would be the best choice for first time, as earth will be surprisingly colorful, sun will shine stronger and there is much less probability conditions might be bad or clouds might cover the view.


Where to do it?

Surprisingly this is a very important question. As most of us want to jump and see some amazing views. And have some great experience. There are are several ways and countries we can do it.

My personal preferences would be Poland! as the prices are getting quite low comparing to other countries and you have a very professional service and a beautiful landscape. I did my first jump in Michalkow, Pyralandia Boogie. And why Poland? Well, mostly because we can do our first jump and also try sky diving tunnel during the same trip! ( One of the best in Poland is FLYSPOT cost about 50 Euro for 2 flights ).

My second choice would be high mountains, Alps in Switzerland. There is this beautiful city called Interlaken, which I would advise to visit, even for a small trip, or some similar places with amazing landscape, which will guarantee to give you unbelievable experience.

Or any other local area with good reviews and experienced instructors.


How much does it cost?

In Poland it might be anything from 200 Euro and higher, depends from the place you go and extra service, such as extra camera and photo service done by a second jumper and number of jumps.

In other countries, prices can reach even 500 Euros.


How to Prepare for jump?

  • Get a camera & mount set!

I personally suggest to go for GoPro Hero 5 with a hand mount or a chest mount. Most of instructors also use hand mount with a glove or even special sticks. It is worth to get a good camera as this is unforgeable experience!

  • Consider not eating anything in short time before jumping. Simply get a proper meal 2-3 hours before jumping and you will be all fine.
  • Go with your friends, or find someone who would be interested to do it as well.

It will be much easier for you to see other people doing the same thing and you will all have a great time doing it or waiting for your turn and sharing experience.

  • Empty our pockets and take nothing with you except for smile on your face, and comfortable shoes, which you can tide well. High hills will not be a good choice. There is no need to get a special uniform, as in most cases you will be provided with one that will keep you warm and cool.


Now, you are ready for your jump

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