Diving – how to start?


Diving – how to start?

Would you believe some divers compare diving to walking in the space ?

Would you believe most of those who tried diving agree with them the more they dive? And there is a good reason for this. There is another world out there. Plants, animals you have not seen yet or you only saw in photos or videos. Exactly like on the surface some of them are under protection, some might be dangerous but most of them are extremely friendly or even curious. Heck out my video to see one of those very curious fish i met recently.

One of the most important thing in diving is to get your equipment correctly, so you can enjoy it even more. What I mean by that is to get a professional help or some advise in store or from scuba instructor. A good mask, good suit and fins of your choice is what I would suggest to start with. And this is all you need and you can do even yourself. After I bought mine i went straight away to swimming pool, to try it and I loved it. For other gear and equipment, you will have enough time to try different things and choose the one you like the most.

Sign up for diving course ! This is not to waste your money, but to make you feel even more comfortable and relax more under water. You enjoy things way more and you relax more if you know exactly what you are doing. It does not matter what school will you choose as long as you go with experienced and good divers, so read some reviews, ask in stores, ask other people who tried diving. With time you can choose your own path and specializations you would like to do or stay on the first level and go diving whenever you like and be safe up to certain depth.

Remember – baby steps under water are very important as you play with your safety. So give it time. Stay calm and enjoy.


Diving gear:

Mask should be comfortable and should fit to your face. It should stay on if you put it on and suck a little air through nose.

Swimming suits, wet suits, dry suits, are made different with different brands, some of them even the same size will fit you better some worse. Try the one that wont be bothering your moves and will give you as much comfort and movement as possible. It is also important to take them according to water you will be diving in. The colder the water is the more mm you will need. I would not suggest to start from dry suit, as none of diving schools are. There is a bit more logic and problems with it you should be aware of before trying. So go get a wet suit or semi wet suit you will feel comfortable and you will look good in.

Fins, is what will give you speed under water. The more you need to use them the more tired you will be with time. This is why it is worth to spend a while and choose one you will enjoy the most. Try different ones. Maybe borrow different sets from your diving school and try them, than you can buy the type you like the most.

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