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Croatia , Hitchhiking

Why Croatia is a great Hitchhiking destination

Hiking in Europe is quite popular, although in some countries it is not LEGAL anymore, as cars are not allowed to stop and pick up people, or you are not allowed to walk and stand on motorway. To…
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Backpacking , Budget travel , Camping , Hitchhiking


What is Backpacking ? Is it really a low budget traveling? I would chellenge that description. In my opinion Backpacking can be described as independen, local or international travelling. With the…
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How to pack for the yacht, sailing trip

Depending on the place you are going you might or might not need certain things. But there are many items everyone should take under consideration, while preparing for a sailing trip. Breathable…
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Europe , Skydiving

Parachute jump – First step into the sky.

Should I do it or should I not do it? People were dreaming about flying since ages. Even Leaonardo da Vinci thought about it, constructing the very first parachute and lots of flying machines. Since…
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Scuba Diving – how to start?

Divers compare diving to walking in the space or flying Most of my friends who tried scuba diving agrees it is a little like flying or walking in space. Weightless, going up or down left or right. We…
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Sailing – how to let your fears go and enjoy sailing

What were your fears? Is it fear of water? Weather conditions? Boat/Yacht dancing on water? Imagine, it is 21 century. Nowdays boats, and yachts are even better designed to give you maximal comfort…
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