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Camping / backpacking

( this is just a draft, will be soon updated ) Got your backpack ready? Lets go then. Wait but where? And this is what the first point is. A good planning is extremely important. Whether it comes to…
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How to pack for the yacht, sailing trip

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First step into the sky.

Should I do it or should I not do it?   People were dreaming about flying since ages. Even Leaonardo da Vinci thought about it, constructing the very first parachute and lots of flying machines.…
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Diving – how to start?

Would you believe some divers compare diving to walking in the space ? Would you believe most of those who tried diving agree with them the more they dive? And there is a good reason for this. There…
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Sailing – beginning, how to let your fears go

Were you ever wondering if you should or should not try sailing? What were your fears? Was it fear of water? Weather conditions? Boat/Yacht dancing on water?   Imagine, it is 21 century. Now…
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