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10 Best Backpacking destinations from all over the world

As I lived most of my life in Europe let me start from it. Europe 1. Croatia - backpacking across Croatia is extreamly popular. Hostels, Homestays and camping placess are very well spred and…
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Top 10 most crazy tents you can actually buy

Getting a good, suitable for our needs tent is one of the most important things while preparing for camping, hiking or just planning to stay a bit closer to the nature. Online shops, sport stores,…
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Snorkeling with turtles, Gili islands, Indonesia

Gili Air, Gili Meno, Gili Travangan. Those 3 islands are full of beautiful sandy beaches, great restaurants, pubs and hostels. On Top of that these places are also a great snorkeling and diving…
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Renting a motorbike in Bali, Indonesia

This for sure is the cheapest and most common mean of transport in Indonesia. Moreover motorbikes, Scooters are so common you will even see small kids, driving them. I have to admit. This is still…
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Sailing South of Spain

From Girona twords Barcelona, than to Walencja and next up to Gibraltar. Spanish sea coast is not only long (Mediterranean Sea coast 1,670 kilometers) but also extremely beautiful. Stunning views,…
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Diving in Ireland, cold water

Diving is an extraordinary experience. It always brings a smile on my face. Although in cold waters it looks a bit different than warm waters. Suits are different and it generaly is COLDER! You can…
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Exploring Ireland, wild Atlantic way

While visting Ireland Wild Atlantic way is an must see! This road or more like a group of roads are all connected with each other an following western coast of Ireland from the south and follow for…
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