Cape Verde ( Cabo Verde )

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Cape Verde ( Cabo Verde )

Travelling through the beautiful and very underestimated islands of Cape Verde is an amazing experience. Average January temperatures of 25°C to 30°C  makes it a brilliant destination for a winter season.

Cape Verde ( or rather Cabo Verde as locals call it ) is an amazing travel destionation with its 10 main island and over 16 smaller ones, located 450 km South West from Africa. People speak here krioulo, a mix of Portugees and African languages.

Flaga Republiki Zielonego Przylądka
Flag of Cape Verde

When in Cape verde you need to try Grogue, a localy made alcohol based on Rum and spices with a bit more water to make it more tasty and less strong. Comonly used by sailors stayed till this days and is very popular in this green islands. Food is delicious and very different. For all lowers of fish and sea food this will be a small paradise, but also vegetarians will fall in love as traditional meals are very reach in beans, greens and vegetables.

Cape Verde islands are one of the best locations for kite surfing. Many Kite world champions are comming here to practice. Scuba diving, snorkeling or sailing is also very popular. Just be carefould while swimming far from shore as strong tides might push you even more far away from the shore and you might end up being rescued by the local self made rescue guard boats that only wait for a situations like this to come. And thenk god they do, as for sure they have saved more than a few lifes.

Location of the islands. Many people, crossing athlantic ocean are stopping in Cape Verde, while preparing for passage. One of the best ways to travel around Cape Verde islands is by sailing. In this way we can see and discover the full beauty of this corner of the world, variety of islands, swim in ocean and be as independent as it is possible. I strongly suggest to check the Yacht Fun website or follow the Yacht Fun facebook profile to see even more about beautiful destinations and amazing landscape of Cape Verde.

A bit of interesting info and helpful tips.

The name Cabo Verde (“green cape”) comes from the nearby Cap-Vert peninsula, on the Senegalese coast discovered in 1444 by Portuguese explorers.

To get to Cape Verde you need to fly. There are many locations, from where you can fly here. I personaly recommend to follow TUi offers with fligth included, as you might find an offer with full week or 2 weeks trip being similar price as airplane flight tickets.

Temperatures are very plesent 25-30 dagree with a bit of wind and ocasional rain makes it a very pleasent place to travel.

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