Camping / backpacking


Camping / backpacking

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Got your backpack ready? Lets go then. Wait but where?

And this is what the first point is. A good planning is extremely important. Whether it comes to packing your backpack or choosing a destination. Planning is what you want to start with.

While going camping or tenting you need to think in advance. Prepare your backpack slowly, take time and collect things you might need on the way. Check weather predictions and pack according to it, but nevertheless we should be prepared for a climate or temperature change. A rain jacket, or short tshirts and short might not take too much space but could save your experience.

There are several ways of how to organize yourself. Some of you might enjoy more minimalistic way some more comfortable way. But the main point stays the same. You need to prepare. One of the first think that comes to my mind is that we need to carry our things somehow. So get a solid backpack! This will be your main carry equipment and it is better to buy a quality backpack strait away as it will least longer and serve the purpose. Also with price comes additional functions, and this might be a bit more comfortable to have this few other options.













– book, etc.

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