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What is Backpacking ?

Is it really a low budget traveling? I would chellenge that description. In my opinion Backpacking can be described as independen, local or international travelling. With the comfort of not draging a suitcase behind you. By packing your backpack smart I mean taking only the gear you can easly use and carry.

Many backpackers are describing it as freedom. As in several cases, while having tent and sleeping bag or other sleeping gear it alows you sty over in any location. Or to change locations, towns cities free of your will.

Where to go?

A good planning is extremely important. Whether it comes to packing your backpack or choosing a destination. Planning is what you want to start with.

Asia and Europe seems to be the easiest and most beloved destinations for backpackers. There are lots of comunities, groups and even backpaker and nomad camps across those contients.

Here are my top 10 destinations where you can go with just your backpack on.

How to get ready?

Prepare your backpack slowly, take time and collect things you might need on the way. Check weather predictions and pack clothes according to it, but be also prepared for a climate or temperature change. A rain jacket, or short tshirts and shorts might not take too much space and could save your day.

There are several ways of how to organize yourself. Starting from watching how-to-pack-your-backpack videos to investing in ultralight backpack and ultralight jackets, which can be folded to a very small size. And will still glook good and stylish after unfolding them. While some of you might enjoy more minimalistic way someone might prefer more comfortable way. In both cases make sure your backpack is matching your needs.

One of my fellow traveller, while packing is always putting all the things he might want to take on the desk or floor. Than he is putting the essential things, without which he would not be able to continue on one side. And everything else on other side. Choosing only the things he has space for. I find this a very good way.  


Across many travellers I’ve met, most popular brands were The North Face, Deuter aircontact, Deuter act little, Osprey especially Osprey 75l, Swiss Gear ( which are a bit smaller but great for laptops, camera and daily use ) and lowpriced supermarket deals ­čśë What we should focus on is for the backpack to be as big as we need, light and made of solid material as resistant to water as possible. And also to have some regulation belts to fit us well.


Thopic long like belts of sumo fighters.. MSR Carbon and MSR Mutha ar still my most beloved ones but a bit expensice if you are looking for a great budget tent, check out Quechua tents. One of the most beloved across hitchhikers and camping lovers



Foldale sleeping mats are doing quite well in tents, however are a bit big and very not practical to carry in backpacks. I have destroyed over 8 self rising mats, but the one that least the longes was the one from Naturehike company. It also came with a seal in case you make a whole in it.



From what I have seen Dafi water bottle is quite popular or any bottle with good easy to buy filters, you can also think about Sawyer water filter, and dtink directly through filter



Dry food, crackers, military rations so called MRE if you like longer trips out of civilisatio, smoked meat or dried vegetables.


– trash bag, wet wipes for higene, small first aid kit

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