Benefits of drink more water for your life or business

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Benefits of drink more water for your life or business

Drinking more water brings a lot of benefits for your body and mind. It can affect your mood for the whole day, boost your self confidence while making a speech or presentation or eliminate harmful elements in your body.

About 60% our body is made of water, while for brain itself it is above 70%.

Start a morning with a glass of water. It will help you to eliminate toxins, rehydrate your brain and wake you up, neutralize the PH in your body, hydrate your skin to help you look fresh and younger and even avoiding or eliminate drinking soda and other unhealthy drinks.

Having a few sips of water is also a great reason to have a short break, organize your thoughts or even prepare answer during speech and interviews.

How much water should we drink daily.

It is recommended by many health authorities to drink 8 ounce glasses. This means about 2 liters, or half a gallon per day.

Make sure you are drinking quality water.

Plastic bottles might not be the perfect choice as well as tap water straight from the sink in some areas in the world. Maybe consider investing in a hard glass water bottle with filtering system especially if the tap water in your area is not the best quality. This is one time spend but a big saving in long term goal.

I personally use #Britta water bottle as it contains an easy to replace filter. It keeps me away from drinking soda or other drinks. It is not perfect as it is still made from hard plastic, but for the moment it has to be. If I would be choosing a bottle now, I would probably get the sea glass watter bottle also made by britta with filtering system

Still not convinced? Here are a few other benefits

Drinking more water makes minerals and nutrients more accessible.

Prevents kidney damage.

It may boosts performance during exercise and helps with weight loss.

It can even reduces the chance of a hangover while drinking before or after alcohol ­čśë

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