Aalbork, cultural nights, arts and much more.

Denmark , Europe

Aalbork, cultural nights, arts and much more.

Aalbork, is one of the biggest cities in Denmark. North of Jylland (continental part of Denmark just above Germany). Street art, murals, paintings, statues and sculptures can be found everywhere around. Rich culture life, many schools and universities, tiny shops with extraordinary art and handcraft and many other interesting places makes it a very nice stop on the way north but also a very atractive destination to work and study. A must see on every traveller list.

Street art and murals can be found trully everywhere, sometimes even in most unexpected places.

To make it easier to find, the city of Aalborg have published locations and photos of them on their website. Link below


What else can you find in this beautiful Scandinavian city?

Art museum and musik house (Musikkens Hus) are a must see for everyone interested in modern art and design.

While Aalborg Zoo, Fun center, Fårup Sommerland, and Leo’s Legeland can be a great atractions for younger generations, Franciscan Monastery Museum and Lindholm Høje Museum will be a great atractions for grownups and elder generation.

Some practical information

Danish currency is the Krone (DKK), it might be hard to find an exchange place. But you can always use ATM or pay with card and you can pretty much everywhere.

Parking. There are free short-term parking places in most side streets. Also shopping centers offers upt to 2 hours of free parking space.

Alborg has its own airport located not too far from the city with a good bus comunication.

During 15 – 23 May city is organising its own Karneval with lots of atractions and street parade.

Aalborg Regatta and toll ships are visiting the city quite often. If you are lucky or exactly during Reggata days you might find them in the city port.

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