Best travel apps you should have !

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Best travel apps you should have !


21 century, almost everyone is walking with their mobile phones, even better we are travelling with them and doing amazing things. How to make even better use of them while travelling ?

Here are my top travel apps i do recommend to try


1. Skyscanner, or other flight scanning app. It will help you look up for the flights or will send you alerts when there will be flights in crazy prices!


2. Couchsurfing, is not just a website for people travelling and looking for free stay in other people places, or vice versa and hosting travelers. It is so much more. I actually use this app mostly to find new friends, great contacts and people to show me around and have a great time together. Of course there are some other apps like meet up, etc. but Couchsurfing still have this amazing community of people strictly interested in travelling


3. Wi-Fi Finder

This app is a life saver, it is available for both IOS and Android, and you can also find several similar apps. There are so many moments when roaming is getting extreamly expensive, you need to call someone and you do not want to have a huge bill, or you simply want to look up for something in internet. This is an app for you. It will show you the location of wifi, it will tell you the rate based on users opinion and will tell you whether it is a free wifi or if you have to pay for it.


4. Snapseed

Android or IOS. It certainly is one of the best graphic and photo editor I ever met. This software is so powerful I sometimes prefer to use it instead of software I have on my laptop! Want to have more hits on your facebook or instagram? Boost your photos with this app!


5. Air BNB and

Ok, we arrived to our destination, our reservation has been cancelled and now? We have no place to stay. This are the best 2 apps to help you out in this situation. I also use to find the cheapest and most comfortable places to stay, and there is a trick. If you book the place in the same day, the later the better you might find some really amazing offers. I found a 5 star hotel stay for extremely low price in Barcelona, and found it after 9 PM, while I came with a delayed flight.


6. Apps like Converter

For both IOS or Android. This will help you change currency with the current average exchange rate, weight, temperature and much more


7. Offline Maps

Here I will recommend 2 Apps. Here maps ( for IOS and Android), would be my choice as they are very precise and so far they did not let me down. Although you need to download maps before, and some of them might be quite heavy in MB, but still this is a great tool! Another one is Foursquare ( forIOS and Android )


8. Uber

Some people love it, some hate it ( Like taxi drivers for example ). But the truth is it is extremely helpful while travelling. Although it is not working or even forbidden in some countries. There are still places where Uber will get you to the place you need.


9. Yelp!

Although I use Foursquare a lot, I do recommend to get this app as well, even to have another tracking app to find some great palaces to eat or some great places. And it is also a great way to plan next steps and places to see.


Apps not included on the list, but also worth to be mentioned

Whatsup, Viber, Messenger, Skype. There is no doubt about that. In different countries different apps are more popular, but having them all will boost the way people can contact you and will let you keep contacts for long! And they all let you make phone calls or send messages. Just imagine. You certainly might end up in a moment when you cannot make phone calls anymore, but you might be lucky to catch some free internet. And Boom! You are back in action.

Google Maps! Believe or not, but this is more useful than you might think. As google maps offers you to translate images taken through your camera and much more.

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