Best travel apps for 2020 you should have !

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Best travel apps for 2020 you should have !

21 century, almost everyone is walking with their mobile phones with, sometimes just to listen to the music, sometimes having half of our life inside them. I personally use it a lot, to make bookings, order transport, chat with friends but also to solve lots of troubles I might find on the way.

Here are my top travel apps i do recommend to try

1.  AirBnB and, or any apps that can help you find a place to stay even in critical moments.

2. Flight search applications. Skyscanner, or other flight scanning app are a life and money savers. This apps can help you look up for the flights or even send you an alerts when there will be flights in crazy prices!

3. Wi-Fi Finder. If your phone does not have a build in app, this one is a life saver. You can also try Facebook Wifi finder, simply go to the option bar on the right top side, click on see more and choose wifi finder. There are so many moments when roaming is getting extreamly expensive, you need to call someone and you do not want to have a huge bill, or you simply want to look up for something in internet.

4. Quick and easy Photo Editors

Spanseed, CanvaLightroom. It certainly is one of the best graphic and photo editor I ever met. This software is so powerful I sometimes prefer to use it instead of software I have on my laptop! Want to have more hits on your facebook or instagram? Boost your photos with this app!

5. Offline Maps

There are many applications that allows you to work offline or even without GPS, Here we go maps, Google Maps Offline are mine top 2 choices.

6. Share ride, car pooling, Taxi finders and apps like Uber

Some people love it, some hate it. But the truth is, this appsare extremely helpful while travelling. Although uber in some countries is still banned there are lots of places where you will be able to use it. Uber will get you to the place you need.

7.  Parking finder, such as Parkopedia

Parkopedia is so far the best app I have been using to find a good spot for parking.

8. Amazon Audible

For audiobooks and much more.

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