5 very interesting facts about Ireland


5 very interesting facts about Ireland

Fact 1

Did you know only about 5 mln. Irish is living in Ireland ? While USA by itself has over 40 million of people with Irish roots. On top of that there are 14 million in UK and in Australia over 7 million. Pretty interesting number as for 70-80 million popularity of Irish all over the world.

Fact 2

Would you expect to see Kangaroos in Ireland? Yes, we can see them in ZOO, I know. But there was a time with Irish, Dublin ZOO when there simply was no more space for Kangaroos and a decision was made to release them. And so they were released to Lambay island. Nowadays we can see a quite big population onf Kangaroos there. But this is not the only place where you can see interesting animals in Ireland. Phoenix park can surprise you with deers that are so friendly you can feed or even pet them. Skellig island is an UNESCO protected, opened for visit island, famous with its stunning views and animals. There are lots of birds here. On top of that, there is another island, maybe a bit less famous called Dalkey island but also full of animals. You can meet several goats here and lots of rabbits. Irish emigration/expansion were not only done only by humans. Would you believe scientists agreed all polar bears have one pre – mother that came from, CORRECT ! Ireland ! Scientists estimate this migration might happen 20-50 thousands years ago.

Fact 3

Did you know that standard alcohol dose in Ireland is about 1/4 bigger than all over the world ( What would Russians say? ), or that Guinness factory and museum is located almost in the center of Dublin, as well as Old jameson distillery or that no one can actually count all beer or whiskey brands in Ireland, as some are only available in local sale. Therefor this is a perfect destination for all connoisseurs. I do recommend to take a whiskey trip through distilleries.

Fact 4

Irish names of cities, towns are very interesting, sometimes even inspiring or funny. In county Limerick there is a town called Hospital, surprisingly this town does not have a Hospital. Need more names? How about Doodys Bottoms, Dicksboro, Hackballscross, Cum, Slutsend or Bastardstown

Fact 5

In Medieval times, Irish had a great feel of justice. For example, a murderer, when caught were punished by paying a very high fine. In case he were not able to do so or had not enough money, he was given and used as a slave to work for the family of the victim. And if the family did not need him anymore or were not enjoying it, they were alowed to have a deadly revenge on him. Ireland medieval history is full of interesting and surprising facts. Therefore visiting Irish castles, cathedrals, ruins or even monuments is getting even more interesting.

Enjoy Ireland

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