5 best travel books to read during Corona Virus time

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5 best travel books to read during Corona Virus time

Top 5 best travel books to read in Corona Virus time. During long flights, during long drives or in this unpleasant time of Corona Virus and world pandemic a great book is something that can make you feel better, teach you something new or tell you a very inspiring story that might change your life or push you forward. It was quite hard to choose just 5 books, as traveling literature is very rich and there are many books I could recommend. The books below are the ones that made the biggest impact on me and my friends. 

1. The Solo Travel Handbook

A very recent book I have red. This amazing book is quite small, but so compressed with great information, guidance and very useful tips. I did read it twice before I gave it to one of the couchsurfers I have stayed with. I am sure you will enjoy it as well even if you are not a solo traveler, as many advices can be used for couples, friends groups or even bigger well organised groups. I like especailly the part about choosing the right luggage and pack like a pro, ensure to stay safe or meer fellow travellers.
Amazon Link : The Solo Travel Handbook

2. The Place To Be

Extraordinary book. After starting, it goes so fast, you get so deep inside it and you just do not want to stop. You can finish it over one weekend with few cups of good cafe, tea or your favorite drink.
Amazon Link : The Place to Be

3. Unlikely Destinations

Written by the founders of Lonely Planet. The company that created many guidebooks, a little bit less of travel, but a very interesting book, perfect for people thinking about travelling and having their own busines.
Amazon Link : Unlikely Destinations

4. The lost City of Z

An brilliant book and history of South America explorer – Percy Fawcett, who goes through the Amazon jungle in search of the lost city. There is even a movie based on this story. But I d strongly recommend to read the book first.
Amazon Link : The Lost City of Z

5. Travel the world on 50$ a Day

A great book, prooving you do not need much money to have a great time, discover amazing places, enjoy the life and get the most out of it and also a guide book of how to spend less while traveling and travel more. A must read Other books that I could also recomend

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