Day: August 17, 2017


Diving in Ireland, cold water

Diving is an extraordinary experience. It always brings a smile on my face when I go diving. Although in cold water it is COLDER! You can still enjoy it a lot if you prepare well. Experiencing cold…
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Ireland , Roadtripping

Exploring Ireland, wild Atlantic way

Wild Atlantic way is an amazing way and a must see in Ireland. This road or more like group of roads are all connected with each other an following western coast of Ireland from the south and follow…
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Croatia , Hitchhiking

Why Croatia is a great Hitchhiking destination

Hiking in Europe is quite popular, although in some countries it is not LEGAL anymore, as cars are not allowed to stop and pick up people, or you are not allowed to walk and stand on motorway. To…
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Camping / backpacking

( this is just a draft, will be soon updated ) Got your backpack ready? Lets go then. Wait but where? And this is what the first point is. A good planning is extremely important. Whether it comes to…
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How to pack for the yacht, sailing trip

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First step into the sky.

Should I do it or should I not do it?   People were dreaming about flying since ages. Even Leaonardo da Vinci thought about it, constructing the very first parachute and lots of flying machines.…
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