20 Photos to inspire you to visit Indonesia

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20 Photos to inspire you to visit Indonesia

This Amazing destination has so much to offer. Here are my top 20 Photos that might inspire you to visit Bali

Clear and amazing water, so transparent, you can have the feeling you are almost flying..

Corals, colorful fishes and a great diving destination.

Food, great taste. But what is even more surprising each of the restaurant make the same dishes a bit different.

Nasi Goreng, Gado Gado, Nasi Capmur are a must try!

Stunning sunsets. People are gathering, just before sunset to chill with friends. You can also meet a lot nomads, and locals.

Waterfalls and much more. Sometimes early mornings you can meet people practicing yoga.

Clear, white sand beaches and natural cliffs.

Exotic Fruits, you might not find in other locations of the world.

Tea, coffee plantations. Freshly roasted coffee has this amazing taste.

Monkeys, and not only in Monkey forest but also in many, many other locations.

Water sports. No doubt this is a great location for any water sports and other activities

Horse ridding just before sunset? Why not?

Boat trips. Around islands. From one island to another or professional snorkeling trips from boats. Boats are everywhere here.

Rice taras. Amazing just by itself. Perfect for morning or afternoon walk.

Get a scooter, drive around, get lost and find amazing hidden in jungle locations.

Statues, monuments, gates, art and much more.

Bali. Destination I can recommend.

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