10 Best Backpacking destinations from all over the world

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10 Best Backpacking destinations from all over the world

As I lived most of my life in Europe let me start from it.


1. Croatia – backpacking across Croatia is extreamly popular. Hostels, Homestays and camping placess are very well spred and organised across whole seacoast and in bigger cities. Backpacking and Hihthiking is so popular in Croatia that some countries are even organising Autostop races to or twords Croatia. You can also meet lots of groups setting tents not to far from beach

2. Maltha – ancient buildings look like someone would cover them with sand or painted very carefuly to match with surroundings. Clifs, beautiful beaches, increadibly clear water full of live and with beautiful corals not very far from land and affordable places makes it a great destination

3. Norway – Landscape is stunning, number of activities you can do there is even higher. The only disadventag is? Everything there is a bit far. One destination point with eautiful mountains and valleys can be quite far from this clifs or lakes you would like to see. And also Norway is a bit expensive. Still it is one of the top of my list


4. Sri Lanka – incrediby beautiful and so different with culture, food, landscape. It is very beloved destination across many communities, backpacking societies and a must see destination

5. Thailand / Laos / Vietnam / Kamboja – similarities and differnces of this bordering countries would not alow me to mention one without mentioning another. I do recommend to see all 4 of them or at least one. While Thailand and Part of Viernam might be taken a bit more western Laos and Kamboja stay a bit more raw. Nevertheless I do recommend to see all 4 of them.

6. Philipines – great not too expensive destination with its own culture

7. Indonesia – there is a good reason why so many blogers are choosing this destination. Some of them even stays much longer there. This Island based country has a lot to offer for everyone.

8. Nepal – due to its rich culture, low costs of transport and accomodation and incredible views


9. Canada – very North, beautiful destination, where Parks, lakes, and mountains are taking over the land and people minds. Views there are just stunning. Many backpackers and hitchhikers are even doing trans canadian road starting from one ocean and finishing next to the second one or in Alasca

10. Mexico and Guatemala – from ancient Mayan ruins and Spanish colonial history to beautiful seacoast and increadibly colorfull cities. This is a great travel destination. And one of most beloved destinations in North America

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